Monday, November 28, 2011

Immigration in America 2011

"The importation of foreigners into a country that has as many inhabitants as the present employments and provisions for subsistence will bear, will be in the end no increase of people, unless the new comers have more industry and frugality than the natives, and then they will provide more subsistence, and increase in the country; but they will gradually eat the natives out. Nor is it necessary to bring in foreigners to fill up any occasional vacancy in a country for such vacancy will soon be filled by natural generation."

Benjamin Franklin - 1751

"The ongoing migration of persons to the United States in violation of our laws is a serious national problem detrimental to the interests of the United States."
Ronald Regan - Presidential Proclamation 4865, September 29, 1981

Newt Gingrich has proven for months now that he is a serious GOP candidate to consider. But now with his position stated on the immigration issue it seems Mr. Gingrich can handle his positions on policies with true conviction of thoughtful and "American" consideration. I will not put words or un-intended thoughts to Newt but my guess is that he has a position on illegal immigration that considers the huge lack of government application of current laws and available department resources that has generated a delinquent immigrant mentality over the last few decades that needs thoughtful but prudent correction.

It is not the fault of those illegal aliens here for ten or twenty years that our government has not been conscientious in its duty to correct their misbehavior in a timely manner and allow them a false sense of entitlement undeserved. They are simply being the “spoiled rich teenager with no boundaries” that the “irresponsible, selfish, uncaring parents” have allowed them to become. But it is time those “parents” be replaced and rules, regulations and character be instilled as they should be. It will not be easy but should be fair to those “teenagers” who have proven American character and help pay for their share by going through the right “adoption” procedures to be productive citizens. Otherwise they should go back to their real “parents” and live by their rules. This whole immigration mess is as much the fault of an uncaring, dysfunctional government that needs to become the “Uncle Sam” it should be and lovingly discipline and correct the immigration situation.

"America must not be overwhelmed. Every effort to enact immigration legislation must expect to meet a number of hostile forces and, in particular, two hostile forces of considerable strength. One of these is composed of corporation employers who desire to employ physical strength (broad backs) at the lowest possible wage and who prefer a rapidly revolving labor supply at low wages to a regular supply of American wage earners at fair wages. The other is composed of racial groups in the United States who oppose all restrictive legislation because they want the doors left open for an influx of their countrymen regardless of the menace to the people of their adopted country."
Samuel Gompers - Letter to Congress, March 19, 1924